Afshin Alvand pour (22)

Afşin Alvandpour

I am Afşin Alvandpour, born in the city of Anzali in Iran. I started painting from a young age and have continued ever since.

Iranian culture and literature have had a significant influence on my paintings. The art and culture of Iran are reflected in my worldview, as well as in my choices of colors and subjects.

I chose to live in Istanbul because it is one of the beautiful cities in the world, and I also see Turkey as a society that values art. In fact, there are many cultural similarities between Iran and Turkey.

I was very proud to recently meet Iranian artist Ms. Parisa and her husband, Mr. Ahad Saadi. They have an art gallery in Istanbul called Art Parisa Gallery. Starting from tomorrow, we will have an exhibition in their gallery, showcasing 12 of my artworks. I am happy to be a part of cultural exchange between the two countries as an Iranian artist, and I invite art enthusiasts to visit our exhibition.

I hope this translation is helpful. If you have any further questions or need assistance with anything else, please let me know.

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