Atoosa Vahdani

Atoosa Vahdani

Started creation as a sculptor since 1994 at Tehran’s oldest art school (Kargah Honar) where she later got assigned as senior mentor.

After getting accquainted with Master Parviz Tanavoli, she continued working as an assitant at his private atelier.

Atoosa’s focus on social issues with deep tendency towards women’s rights led her create conceptual pieces under different thematic collections namely “Numbers”, “Humans”, “Astrology”, “The Women here and hereafter”, “The treasure in the shell”, “Women framed on the wall”, “Message in the bottle”.

Her works enjoy different materials such as real objects, stones, wood, bronze, metal, fabric, glass, fiberglass and even dresses. Vahdani’s works has been successfully exhibited in numerous galleries in France, Hungary, Austria, Belgium, Greece, USA, Emirates and Iran.

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