Size : 100x70cm
Date : 2012
Creation Time spent : 2 month

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In Takamol, small and colorful pieces can be seen at the bottom of the artwork. These pieces move from the bottom part of the artwork to the middle part. At the central part, we see a frame. However, this frame consists of four triangles coming together. The artist explains why this frame consists of four triangles: These four triangles represent the philosophy of life. People never act with the same feelings and same thoughts. At different times, different emotions and different thoughts preoccupy our minds. When triangles gather at one point, they form a quadrilateral and this quadrilateral represents the life within a frame. The life represented by the quadrilateral is expressed with different colors, spiritual richness and beauty. When we look up from this quadrilateral, we see a semi-circle. This semi-circle consists of blue color within golden surroundings. While the gold surroundings represent spiritual wealth, the blue color represents peace. A circle has no corners and means immortality in the philosophy of life. The space in the other represents the mysterious continuation of peaceful life into immortality.