Size : 140x50x70cm
Date : 2013
Creation Time spent : 3 month

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Negine Mehr means the brilliant of love. It gets its name from brightness. This work was created in the form of a three-dimensional piece, inspired by a line from one of most important poems, which  these words from a Mevlana poem designed in calligraphic form, and near the top of the work, we see a spherical illumination. According to Ahad, if we take our roots from love and affection, our earth becomes life. The spherical part of the work represents a life surrounded by beauties, and at the top of the work, the same words by Mevlana are seen as the piece gets thinner and finishes, just like the ending of human life. In Negine Mehr, Ahad states that, after living with love and affection on the earth, we will fly to eternity with the same feelings and change our lives.