Size : 125x60x60cm
Date : 2019 – 2020
Creation Time spent : 1500 hours

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Nilufer (lotus) is a three-dimensional work in the form of a large vase. It conveys the mood of the artist. Vase symbolizes human in Persian literature. Likewise, in Far Eastern traditions, when someone passes away, their body is burnt and a vase is made from their ashes. Therefore, this work of Ahad, Nilufer, symbolically represents himself.

Evidently, Ahad focused on numbers and signs in the design of this vase. For example, the corolla of the vase symbolizes number 24, which stands for the number of hours in a day. The large leaves, which hold number 24, symbolize number 12, standing for the months in a year. The neck, which holds the corolla, marks number 11. The body of the vase, exactly on its point of balance, Kerdare nik, goftare nik, Turkish, English, French, Russian, Arabic and Chinese. In this way, the artist aims to send a message to the world. This is a message for kindness, a call for eliminating war and evil. A peaceful life is designed around this message. A relaxed environment with birds, deers and women.

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Dimensions 125 × 60 × 60 cm