Ahad Saadi

Ahad Saadi

First in the World, a New Art Form by Ahad Saadi


First in the World, a New Art Form AZARNEGARI

Ahad Saadi  was born in 1980 in  Tabriz city.  He  entered to   beautiful  world  of art in  1999,  inventing new  style in   art field in  2008.  He called  his new  style “Azarnegari” . It  was  considered   by  Iranian Ministry of Art and Culture as new art at the same year and it was confirmed by most experts.
Moreover,  this new   style  was  registered  in  Iran  national   Library and   Thesaurus.  After  that Ahad became a member of Iranian inventors union.

As  it can  be  inferred from  its name, “Azernegari” means   drawing  with flame  or fire,  since  no  paint, no adhesion or adhesive material has been used in this style for  linking textiles  to each other and totally they have been combined to each other through burning method.  Silk  textiles  along with  natural fibers and textiles with artificial fibers are burned and combined  together. Delicate blades, flame and heat pens which have been designed by artist himself,  though made by some experts are his working instruments In these artworks, color tonality is obtained through burning  colorful textiles  and  combining  them on each other. The visitors in exhibitions were shocked by seeing technical beauty and elegance, finding this 

technique difficult and time consuming, being shocked of its creator’s concentration and patience.

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