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Established and managed by Parisa Karamnezhad in the year 2018, Galeri has become a haven for art enthusiasts, showcasing works from both local Turkish artists and international talents. Our gallery provides a unique opportunity for art lovers to explore and appreciate a diverse range of artworks.

We’re not just a gallery – we aspire to be a platform for public art discussions, workshops, art education, seminars, as well as national and international competitions. Our primary goal is to not only host established and renowned artists in our exhibition program but also to discover and promote emerging talents, giving them a space to showcase their creations and make their mark in the art world.

Art Parisa Gallery is dedicated to representing artists from all around the world, fostering a cross-cultural dialogue that goes beyond borders, and nurturing diverse perspectives in the realm of contemporary art.

In addition to our exhibition program, we offer an Art Store where visitors can purchase a wide array of valuable pieces, including paintings, photographs, sculptures, and various other visual artworks created by local and international artists.

Our Gallery's Journey

Over its six years of existence, Art Parisa Gallery has hosted a diverse range of artists, primarily from Turkey and Iran. The recent exhibition, Tabriz Art Expo Representation, curated by Mohammad Mahmudi Bey and Yousef Saadi, brought together works by Iranian artists, delighting Turkish art enthusiasts.

This exhibition marked the second collaboration between Art Parisa Gallery and Tabriz Art Expo. The expo, which extends its influence both in Iran and abroad, proudly identifies Art Parisa Gallery as its Istanbul home.

The exhibition showcased a total of 45 works, including 39 paintings and 6 sculptures, contributed by 22 artists. Parisa emphasized that art enthusiasts have the opportunity to visit the exhibition until August 31.

The Visionaries

Parisa Karamnezhad and Ahad Saadi are visionary artists who draw inspiration from their rich cultural heritage and create unique artworks. Their artistic journey began in Iran before both settling in Istanbul in 2011 and 2012, respectively.


Parisa Karamnezhad, the curator and owner of the gallery, is a multifaceted artist with a background in various mediums. Her journey started with painting and photography and expanded to encompass literature, music, and more. She has been recognized with awards and accolades in both photography and painting, demonstrating her proficiency and dedication to her craft.

Today, Parisa continue their artistic exploration, driving Art Parisa Gallery to new heights and exciting endeavors. With their combined talents and unique perspectives, they bring a touch of cultural enrichment and creative expression to the art world.

We invite you to join us in celebrating the vibrant world of art at Art Parisa Gallery. Explore our exhibitions, engage in discussions, and experience the beauty and diversity of contemporary art through our curated collection.

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