Ahad Saadi – Azarnegari

Ahad Saadi , 2018 , Istanbul
Art Parisa Gallery presents the exhibition of Ahad Saadi, hosted by the painter and photographer Parisa Saadi. Located at Süleyman Seba Street No. 74, famously known as Akaretler Slope, right next to Valideçeşme in Beşiktaş, “Art Parisa” gallery provides the backdrop for Ahad Saadi’s themed exhibition titled “Compassion.” Drawing inspiration from the cultural richness of the region, Ahad Saadi employs the unique Azernegari technique to create his artworks, starting his career in his home country, Iran, and gaining international recognition as an artist.
  • Ahad Saadi
  • Istanbul
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Ahad Saadi's artworks are crafted using the Azernegari technique, where he layers fabrics and employs a distinctive burning technique, resulting in mesmerizing pieces. The central theme emphasized in his creations is love and compassion. In a world marked by rapid change and ongoing conflicts, Saadi's art invites us to slow down, to embrace peace and love. The Azernegari technique is exclusive to Ahad Saadi, setting his work apart from that of other artists.

The exhibition, inaugurated by a speech by Prof. Dr. İlber Ortaylı, has garnered significant attention from art enthusiasts. Prof. Ortaylı highlighted the pioneering nature of Ahad Saadi's Azernegari technique, stressing the importance of its promotion and development. He also announced that Art Parisa Gallery is set to become a significant art hub in Istanbul, showcasing original artworks. Kuroş Moktaderi, the Cultural Attaché of the Iranian Consulate, underscored the role of such artistic events in strengthening the friendship between the two countries.

Ahad Saadi's exhibition at Art Parisa Gallery is open for viewing until January 21, 2019. The event has been highlighted by the media and the art community, drawing attention to Ahad Saadi's distinctive artistic approach and his use of the Azernegari technique. The art world eagerly anticipates the showcase, and the gallery is poised to leave a lasting impression on Istanbul's cultural landscape. The exhibition not only introduces viewers to a remarkable technique but also explores the profound theme of compassion in an ever-changing world.


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