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Galeries Lafayette , AZARNEGARI Exhibition By Ahad Saadi

Thursday, 01 Nov 2018


Leading the way in fashion, Galeries Lafayette has entered the world of art through a partnership and collaboration with artparisa gallery and the Demsa group, introducing the works of internationally acclaimed artist Ahad Saadi to art enthusiasts and collectors within the Galeries Lafayette framework.

Demet Sabancı Doğan shared Christmas trees prepared by 16 Turkish designers with her friends during an event at Galeries Lafayette. Among the guests at the event was the famous Iranian painter Ahad Saadi.

The imaginative Christmas trees crafted by 16 ambitious Turkish designers were showcased at Galeries Lafayette, located within the Emaar Square complex.

Ahad Saadi, who began his artistic journey in 1999, created “Azarnegari,” a technique involving the bonding of small pieces of cut fabric on top of one another without the use of pens or paints. Inspired by the power of fire since his childhood, the artist’s unique technique and highly acclaimed works continue to gain value not only worldwide but also in Turkey.

Partners & Sponsers

Painting the Floating World: Art Parisa Gallery, Azarnegari, Galeries Lafayette.

Art Parisa Gallery
  • Date: 01 Nov 2018 12:30 - 12:30
  • Location:ISTANBUL