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14 May 2022 - 18 May 2022

Tabriz painter and photographer Parisa Karamnezhad presents her fifth special exhibition themed “PAYRIKAIST” to art lovers at Parisa Art Gallery in Akaretler..

“CREATED THE ART STYLE NAMED “PAYRIKAIST” Parisa Karamnezhad has been continuing her art life in Istanbul since 2011 to develop her art projects. Parisa, who created the art style “PAYRIKAIST”, which is a combination of painting and photography, in her own art workshop in 2012, developed a different art technique in her works with her unique method that she has been working on for years. The artist prepares scenes after pre-written and fictionalized scenarios for the works he produces with this technique. Using models suitable for her scenario and designing clothes in the scenes she prepares, Parisa first photographs these scenes with the help of laser lights, and then proceeds to the painting process after the printing of the said frames. She creates her works as a combination of painting and photography by using materials such as acrylic, oil paint and pastel.

Partners & Sponsers

Painting the Floating World: Parisa karamnezhad, Art Parisa Gallery

Art Parisa Gallery
  • Date: 14 May 2022 - 18 May 2022
  • Location:Istanbul
  • Curators:Art Parisa Gallery
  • Duration:5 Days