Mahnoush Fouladi

Mahnoush Fouladi

Artist, painter

Education degree: Bachelor of Art in Graphic Design from Azad university of Tehran
Living in love with art and redefining life through my Artworks has been my lifestyle.

Graduated in Graphic Design from Azad University of Tehran in 1990.
Start painting watercolor under the supervision of the best masters as Khorraminezhad, Atashzad, Ghaffarzadeh, Zakeri, Nasr and Pazouki.
Presentation of my art works in more than 10 galleries or events from 1995 such as Golestan Gallery

I figure out myself along the lines while I am drawing on the white canvas screen. I have always thought that life despite of difficulties is a gift that can be tolerated by art, hence Art has been an integral part of my life. Any time an artwork was born by me I feel it was me that reborn again.

Drawing and painting on the white canvas is a kind of meditation and therapy to me, so I am getting away from my suppressed feelings as I see myself in the free and timeless space.

Drawing lines is my style and it is exclusively belonging to me because of the way I do. I am involved with subject by watching whole subject and then starting from a point in which my pen goes all the way around that while my eyes staring at it, till the job is done. At the end my dream is born, but not exactly what I imagined.

Vali Art Gallery (,
Daryabeigi Art Gallery,
Elaheh Gallery and Banafshehgallery (

Nationality: Iranian
Place of birth: Tehran/Iran
Date of birth: 23\03\1966
Address: No5, Building 8, Andarzgoo Blvd, Ibrahim Alley, Tehran/

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