Parisa Karamnezhad

Parisa was born in Tabriz in 1981. She took his first steps in the art world at an early age. She was interested in painting first. 

Later on, in her younger years, besides painting, she attended various cultural and artistic fields such as theatre, literature, hockey, skating, singing lessons and voice training, and photography. However, painting and photography took a more prominent place in her life. At the age of fourteen, she won the first prize in the field of drawing portraits at the festival held in Tabriz. Parisa, who is also keen on modern art styles, started to add her modern style paintings to her art archive.

She received the title of “Best female photographer in Tabriz” in 1998 due to her achievements and was appointed as a founding member of the first board of trustees of the Photography Institution of Tabriz by the Ministry of Culture of Tabriz.

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