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Wednesday, 27 Feb 2019


LEXUS GROUP hosts the launch of

“Nilufer”, the new masterpiece created using

AZARNEGARI, a new art form that is unique in the world

Süzer Plaza, which is enshrined in the heart of Istanbulites thanks to cultural and artistic events, will soon be the venue of yet another special event. In its unique atmosphere, it will present to art lovers the work “Nilufer”, created by Ahad Saadi using the technique “Azarnegari”, a new art form that is unique in the world. Besides “Nilufer”, the event will showcase the magnificent works of Parisa Karamnezhad, the wife of Mr. Saadi. The event will be hosted by and held in company with the matchless car collection of the LEXUS GROUP.     

Saadi called the art form he invented “Azarnegari”, which means “drawing with fire”. The artist has preferred this name because he has not used pencils or paints in any of the works he created with this technique. All the colors in the works were produced with fabrics cut into extremely small slices, by burning them on each other and letting them stick to each other. In other words, the fire was the brush, and fabrics were the paint in these works.

What sparked the idea for his burning technique goes back to Ahad Saadi’s childhood. One day, while he was secretly playing with fire despite his parents’ efforts to keep him away from it, he accidentally burnt some fabrics. Seeing that they stuck to and blended with each other, he discovered the AZARNEGARI technique. 

Inspired by the cultural background of his native region and reflecting this richness on his thoughts and art, Ahad Saadi created Azarnegari and continues developing it. In this new art form, fabrics are burnt on top of each other using a special technique, which results in a deep color harmony and special patterns. Mr. Saadi developed this art form by combining his imagination with his great design skills and created his wonderful works of art. 

The main themes handled by the artist in these masterpieces are love and compassion. In our world, where everything changes very fast and unfortunately wars still continue, Azarnegari asks us to slow down, stand together and return to ourselves and calls us to peace and love.     

Azarnegari is how yesterday creates and shapes tomorrow.

Azarnegari is the way of taking inspiration from your roots and touching the sky.

Azarnegari is a cry for love, peace and friendship from the Middle East to the world.

Azarnegari is how philosophy, literature and spiritual feelings are woven stitch by stitch.

Azarnegari is how fabric turns into art with the fire of love.

Ahad Saadi, who created the technique Azarnegari using an idiosyncratic style in his artistic work just like in his daily life, is an esteemed artist who touches fabrics only with the fire of love in his works of art, inherits the beauty of his soul from a cultural background spanning thousands of years and presents the beauty of the spiritual world of the Middle East to us in the universal language of art. The artist brings his Azarnegari works to the attention of art lovers in a way that has never been tried before in the world.     

Ahad Saadi started his career in Iran and gained international fame. Thanks to his original works, he became an artist followed by art lovers and collectors. Widely appreciated and admired in the art community, he keeps taking successful steps to worldwide recognition. He has had many major expositions, and this time, he will meet art lovers at the Lexus Dolmabahce Showroom with his original works.

  • Date: 27 Feb 2019 17:00 - 19:00
  • Location:İstanbul
  • Duration:120 Minutes