Parisa Karamnezhad – Payrikaist

Parisa Karamnezhad , 2022 , Istanbul
Tebriz-born artist and photographer Parisa Karamnezhad presents her fifth solo exhibition titled “PAYRIKAIST” at the Parisa Art Gallery in Akaretler. With a career rooted in the rich cultural heritage of her region, Parisa’s distinctive artistic style shines through in this thematic exhibition, inviting art enthusiasts to explore her captivating collection.

Parisa Karamnezhad, born in 1981 in Tebriz, embarked on her artistic journey at a young age. Transitioning from painting to theater, literature, sports, and various art forms, Parisa found her true passion in painting and photography. Her accolades began at the age of fourteen when she secured first place in a portrait competition at a Tebriz festival. As her interests evolved, she established herself as an accomplished photographer, receiving recognition as "Tebriz's Best Female Photographer" and contributing significantly to the Tebriz Photography Institute.

Parisa Karamnezhad continued her artistic journey in Istanbul since 2011, where she fused painting and photography to create her unique "PAYRIKAIST" art style. This innovative technique involves developing scenes with pre-written and conceptualized scenarios. She orchestrates each scene, from designing costumes to capturing moments with laser lights, and later combines painting and photography, resulting in striking artworks that merge both mediums.

Parisa Karamnezhad's artworks, steeped in themes of psychology and spirituality, grace her fifth solo exhibition, titled "PAYRIKAIST." The exhibit showcases her creations from December 1 to December 15, 2022, at the Art Parisa Gallery in Akaretler. Parisa's fusion of painting and photography, her deep color harmonies, and the stories each piece tells create a powerful narrative that revolves around the human psyche and consciousness. Her artistic prowess is further emphasized by the span of time she invests in each artwork, taking between one to three months to complete her pieces.

Furthermore, Parisa's artistic expression is heavily influenced by her cultural surroundings. Her creations encapsulate her experiences, beliefs, and the rich heritage she hails from. Her distinctive style, evident in both her daily life and artistic endeavors, showcases her deep passion and unique approach to art.

Parisa Karamnezhad's journey, which began in Iran, continues to captivate the Turkish art scene. With her originality and evolving style, her work is expected to gain recognition on the international stage. The "PAYRIKAIST" exhibition is curated by Yousef Saadi, owner of the Zibahonare Tabriz Association, and sponsored by Cemil Mehmet Görünmez, Cemil Printing Solutions Center. The exhibition, running from December 1 to December 15, offers visitors the opportunity to immerse themselves in Parisa's artistic universe.

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